Each day that goes past there is someone who takes a sport to a new level.  Especially with the advent of Youtube in combination with helmet Hero cam’s, it’s a classic case of one-upmanship in all fields.  Wingsuit flying has been around in a few forms throughout history but it really only became commercially available in 1999 by BirdMan International who developed the first real safe wing suits to buy.  Since then, plenty of people brave enough are continually pushing themselves.  Yes, there’s plenty of fatalities occurring which is almost a given, however, this is no deterrent to those select few with their love and desire the adrenaline charge it offers.

The sport has always intrigued me as I can’t think of many things more dangerous as a “sport” than this.  One of the first videos I saw was in 2011 by Jeb Corliss and his “Grinding the Crack” video (nice title choice there).  Jeb is a notorious wingsuit flyer and was featured on the Daredevils documentary by Channel 4, “The Human Bird”.  It was at this point whilst watching this program I realised these people are not normal.  They’re not scared to die and almost need the adrenaline juices, much like an addiction to keep on going.  Not for the faint hearted, but Jeb himself has had some incredibly close calls pushing himself as shown in his video, “Grounded” with the title giving the nature of the content away.  Luckily he survived this one.

Now that wing suit flying is not so novel, people are experimenting further and pushing the physical limits.  The obvious tall buildings is just so boring these days and so new challenges are on the look out.  Red Bull recently jumped onto the scene like they often do with new extreme sports and they improvised with a team effort and the introduction of gliders!  However, the video featured here is possibly the most absurd and death defying stunt I’ve seen yet.  I actually believe that it cannot be taken much further than this, seriously, how can it?  Uploaded only today by Alexander Polli, simply just see for yourself the feat these guys are going to get some attention.  Well, it certainly got mine, hah!

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