The upcoming ivee “Sleek” is possibly the most intelligent alarm clock you will ever experience.  Calling it an alarm clock is somewhat of an insult and although it’s life began as one in earlier iterations, the company behind this project, ivee have extended it’s ability in a quantum leap to bring us our own virtual, artificially intelligent personal assistant.

Somewhat like talking to Siri on your iPhone, the ivee personal assistant extends this informational ability even further than simple questions or actions by connecting to physical devices around your home, such as telling your hoover to clean up.  Already in development is the ability to talk to the thermostat by Nest, Roomba cleaning robot and Belkins WiFi enabled WeMo products which currently include the remote control of power sockets and light switches.  Using the power of WiFi throughout your home and the similarly connected devices, you can turn up your heating for example whilst lying in bed.   Ask a question about your stock price, turn off a light or simply set an alarm, all without lifting a finger.

It’s ability you may be questioning in understanding your requests is running off voice recognition software powered over the internet by the API AT&T WATSON.  This constantly improving platform will ensure accurate interpretation.  There’s also huge, real potential in seeing further abilities with Artificial Intelligence as soon as 2014 given that IBM have recently announced they are opening up their famous Jeapordy winning AI supercomputer, “Watson” in allowing developers to access and use it’s sophisticated software platform for delivering the answers to your questions in lighting speed and accuracy.

Originally launched in July 2013 on Kickstarter, ivee was looking for investment to get this product to market.  Although some may be hesitent in thinking that this is one of those far fetched ideas on kickstarter, you would be wrong as ivee is a 4 year old company with all it’s experience in talking alarm clocks!  This is natural progression for them and the funds have simply enabled them to move quicker into delivering their ambitions and check out the videos to prove it.

The opensource architecture of ivee is fantastic news from the outset as it offers the ability for quicker development of mainstream products and there interaction abilities.  With some coding experience you can make it do what you want, but hopefully for most of us we’ll see updates that extend it’s use with future products, such as controlling your music through Sonos or interaction with Xbox Kinect even for full on entertainment abilities.

We’ve all anticipated such devices in the future, but I don’t think we realised it would come so soon.  The ability of this tiny device has high hopes of making the smallest of chores that little bit easier and we now have a confirmed delivery date of mid December 2013.

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