Why You Should Buy The Xbox One This November & Not A Playstation

The title here I understand may cause some suggestion to favoritism towards a particular games console in what has been an ongoing argument since we were children and my SNES is better than your Sega!  It’s one of those never ending arguments, but ultimately, regardless of which route you went down, they did pretty much […]

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Apple’s TV Could Be With Us This October!

Apple’s recent key press announcement on September 10th did very little to impress anyone, from investors to Apple fanatics alike, it showed the world some very minor technological improvements to warrant the need for upgrading.  The leaks were beyond accurate which removed the notion of surprise!  However, mobile phones aside, it would seem and would […]

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The iWatch is a TV by Apple – Revolution & Revelation

Like many people, I enjoy guessing as to what technology is going to bring and what innovations will transform our lives.  The quicker we all innovate, the quicker I will be to owning my life’s dream – that flying car (it better be in my lifetime!)  In today’s world, things are so mundane and boring, […]

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