World’s first 3D printed plane lifts off

A team of half a dozen aeronautical engineers from the Southampton University, UK, designed this successfully flying plane in just 2 days and was printed and constructed in only 5 days.  From a pile of dust to a week later rose and subsequently catapulted into the air, a home built drone! Made from Hard Nylon and […]

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Lifeguard Drone

The shear varied flexibility on offer with drones shows great potential in the use for saving lives.  Developed by Tehran-based RTS Lab, Pars is a multirotor drone with it’s unique added ability in dropping lifebelts onto drowning people in a much quicker time frame than a conventinal swimming coastguard. I imagine in the near future […]

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Fly On The Wall – Reconnaissance Drone – Black Hornet

Designed and developed by Norwegian firm, Prox Dynamics AS, the Black Hornet is a military grade surveillance drone that is currently being used by the British Military with some 324 units already and currently being trialed by the US Army as of this year. At only 16 grams, the Black Hornet is carried in a […]

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