With the recent annual catalog release of Ikea’s latest home furnishings came the intriguing addition of an accompanying app and feature.  It allows you to see what a piece of furniture would look like in your home virtually and then hopefully enable you to make an easier decision to make that purchase.

It works like so, scan the catalog with your phone’s camera whilst in the Ikea app to choose your product, throw the catalog where you’d like to position the piece of furniture in your actual room and the app uses augmented reality to overlay the product in 3D into your home.

This clever piece of software allows you to visualise products which may sometimes be difficult to know if it will work with your home decor.  It’s still early days for Ikea as only so many of it’s products are available in 3D but it certainly shows you where retail and technology may be taking us.  It’s likely we’ll see a lot of more this in the more competitive industries to start with, especially in clothing retailers I imagine where this is easily possible and perhaps more important!

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