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This is the newest version of the Leapfrogs signature 3D printer, the Creatr. Updated in 2014 it has new features to help create a more reliable and user-friendly experience. The standard software settings have been improved to create a simple interface easily used by Professional, Educational and everyday users. As well as these software updates they’ve improved on the hardware allowing a new standard print speed of 100mm/s.

The Creatr’14 is a great all round 3D printer; with a high print speed, dual print extruders, large build volume and affordable price, it strongly rivals other 3D printer manufacturers signature printers.



Accuracy - 83%
Build Volume - 85%
Speed - 75%
Materials - 87%
Affordability - 96%

*Rating based on Creatr’14 with two nozzles specifications




Build Volume: One Nozzle – 230 x 270 x 200mm
Two Nozzles – 200 x 270 x 200mm
Minimum Layer Thickness: 50 Microns
Extrusion Speed: 100 mm/s
Extruder Nozzles: 2
Primary Material: 1.75mm ABS and PLA
Manufacturer: Leapfrog
Model: Creatr’14
Country: The Netherlands
Delivery: Worldwide
Technology: FFF
Other Compatible Print Materials: PVA, Nylon, Brick
Print Material Cost (£): Check current prices on our Pixel Lounge shop!
Printer Dimensions: 600 x 500 x 500 mm
Weight: 58kg
Power Requirements: 100 – 240V, 50 – 60HZ
Printing Software: Yes – Simplify 3D



– Dual extruder’s allowing the use of support materials during printing or multiple colours prints
– Large build volume
– Good print speed
– High quality prints at low speeds
– Can use a variety of different print materials including Pva, Nylon and Brick
– Improved set-up requires less set up time/maintenance than previous model
– Quite large printer housing, not suitable for on a desk
– Noisy when printing
– Need to lower print speed to achieve high quality prints
– Long pre-heat time due to printer being open at the front



Additional Information

Extruder Nozzles

1, 2

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