Print customised internal circuitry with the worlds first 3D electronics printer.  Using “High Conductivity Ink” the Voxel8 printer is able to deliver a unique extrusion platform to enable the printing of circuit boards simultaneously onto the printing of your new 3D model.  Take a mini quadrocopter for example, where the design and electronic circuits can be printed together, thus enabling you to add the motors, a battery and your almost ready to fly.

However, it doesn’t just stop at a simple circuit from A to B.  3D printed antennas, electromagnetic coils, or stack ICs.  Don’t either underestimate the advantage of your PCB now having the ability to be 3D itself and not limited to the typical planar surface.  This allows the PCB to fit your design and not your design to fit the PCB!

With the Voxel8 stating a increase x5000 conduciveness over other market comparisons such as conductive paste and filament, we can be assured it will work efficiently as desired.  Taking a decade of research from Harvard University lab, there’s not doubt of some clever chemistry involved.  Shipping Q4 2015 at the price of $8,499 you can currently buy from the Voxel8 website.

Electronic 3D printing is the holy grail of where this technology is heading and in only 2015 we have the Voxel8 already able to partly achieve this.  In only a few more years, we’ll see this technology develop further with the inclusion of capacitors, LED’s and other small electronic “plugins” that the printer will slot in where requested, perhaps on a cartridge role even.  With a collaboration with AutoDesk, a new software platform is being created, called “Project Wire” which enables the ability to easily design 3D models with the inclusion of 3d printed electronics.  Project Wire will be released alongside the Voxel8 printer at the end of the year!  We can’t wait.

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