Meetup.com is the world’s largest network of local groups and an online portal to allow individuals to meet up with the same interests .  It’s the 21st century solution to the age old local notice board one might find in their neighborhood.  Anyone can create a meet and decide to talk about, offer talks or collectively get together to solve issues.

What’s perhaps quite useful for startups is the availability to meet other startups to share ideas or collaborate together.  There’s many groups that are also focused simply for networking reasons.  Say you’re in the need for a developer to join your team then it’s a great place to find local talent.  For example there is group in Nottingham with 170 coders all regularly meeting up.  Or perhaps you’d like to play some board games because there’s a group for that too!

Now boasting 13.58 million members and Monthly Meetups of 387,567 at the time of writing, there’s huge following already and it’s only getting bigger which is good news all round.  It’s great to see this initiative in place.



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