UK indie band, Klaxons, started on their latest tour recently (25th October at Norwich Waterfront) but with one big difference!  Jamie Reynolds of the band said, “We’re going to do something nobody has ever done before. Something big, something fresh. Why not?

This is the world’s first “3D Printed Tour”.  Everything from the Guitars, lights and amps has been created using 3D printers.  With the help of 3D printing experts, Customuse who specialise in the manufacturing of customised 3D Printed guitars, this is set of instruments is certainly like no other.

Mahdi Hosseini, Sophie Findlay and Justas Cernas set up their new company, Customuse, when Mahdi came up with the business idea when realising that his dream of a personalised guitar designs was not financially viable.  However, the ascent of 3D printing technology now being more accessible, this new London startup is commercialising a whole new area in an exciting loud way.

After playing with the guitars for the very first time, Jamie Reynolds, the bassist for Klaxons, said he was “absolutely blown away”. and his bandmate Simon Taylor-Davies compared them to the sound changing guitars of the 80s, remarking that “3D printed [guitars] are about as magical as it gets”.  And it isn’t just the appearance that’s setting these guitars apart, but the combination of intricate unseen design alongside in maintaining its strength and rigidity to ensure this new type of guitar plays just as well.  The design possibilities of creating personalised instruments of this kind is truly exciting.

Source: The University of Sheffield

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