Designed and developed by Norwegian firm, Prox Dynamics AS, the Black Hornet is a military grade surveillance drone that is currently being used by the British Military with some 324 units already and currently being trialed by the US Army as of this year.

At only 16 grams, the Black Hornet is carried in a soldiers pocket and once released it can fly for an impressive 20 minutes which equates to 1,200 metres in one sprint if you were to send it on a one way mission.  At around 10m the drone becomes silent and almost invisible purely down to it’s size.  It’s targets no wiser than thinking it may be a bird in the distance.

The set up is dedicated for military surveillance to see what’s over walls and so forth, so therefore comes equipped with the necessary viewing and communications gear.  The Black Hornet has also integrated GPS for following set waypoints which is no doubt useful for reconnaissance missions and has packed in some further sensors.  No doubt, we’ll see further reiterations of this model which will likely include night vision and further enhancements.


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