If you’ve heard of Kickstarter already, then put those thoughts on hold – as this new crowd-funding platform by Seedrs.com is majorly different for one HUGE reason.  It allows you to own shares in the company that your investing.  This is a new concept and currently Seedrs is the only company in the World whereby this is legally possible.  That may sound surprising, but seriously, they are the lonesome ones.  A major reasoning for this is the US federal laws against investment of this style.  Their outdated laws are restricting any companies out there from progressing forward, albeit with this soon to change hopefully.  Having followed WeFunder.com for some time now, they are still waiting for President Obama to make such changes, with which seems to be taking a very long time… if it arrives at all.

The likes of Kickstarter was a revolutionary idea that tapped into the online power and modern day inter-connections the internet has brought to us around the world.   However, what you receive for your investment in Kickstarter is usually very little unless it’s a more significant investment in return for a tangible asset.  Those looking to support have got involved in a big way and even NASA has jumped on board with their fund currently up for a publicly accessible telescope.  But, with the little to reap from investing on here unless it’s to support a fellow friend, it doesn’t offer any way of being part of the success you are helping.  That is until now.

Seedrs are here today to bring a seismic shift in crowd-funding and to allow those to invest and reap the rewards of the fly away success of potential startups (which seems to be a daily occurrence in this day and age).  This has certainly grabbed my attention and I anticipate many more are looking to make a little money whilst also supporting fresh ideas.  Moveover Kickstarter because this is going to “Kick” ass.  Still in it’s infancy with a small portfolio of companies, it still at least allows those to invest in returns for physical shares of the company as a proportion of your investment and the companies target fundraising goal.  Anyone can submit a proposal, so if you’re in need of that much needed investment to give your idea a chance then submit it and share with us.

It seems the UK is a step ahead of the rest in this field and is only with the power of the FSA (Financial Services Authority) that have worked closely alongside Seedrs that have been able to bring together the viability of this model to the masses.  After all, it’s a very easy way to lose your money!

Let’s hope that Seedrs.com growth can continue and from what we’re seeing already, they’re certainly on the right path to become the next big online success story.  So can you invest in Seedrs itself one must wonder?  Get involved now as the minimum investment is only £10!



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