In the world of building websites, you are generally either a Graphic Designer or Programmer.  Very rarely do you possess both skillsets to a high level as you’ll need all your focus and efforts in one or other to keep up to date with the latest advancements.  Luckily for those Designers out there, Chop Chop is here to give a little hand in coding up your website for a very small fee.  Your not going to have a fully fledged website here, but neither are you exactly paying much for it.

This is a great little service that will get your website and ideas online in as little as 3 days!  A helpful hand for those simple static websites or for developing ideas perhaps.  If you are in need for a website with CMS (Content Management System) with which is advisable, then you may prefer to look into WordPress as an example for better control and future uploading to your new website.

If you are a little more comfortable with CSS, then another great tool to aid your photoshop files come to life is is CSS Hat.  Download and install the plugin and it will convert your designs into CSS automatically.  How simple is that?

So get designing you creative monkeys and don’t let the code get in the way.



Visit / chop-chop.org

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