15 things you didn’t know you could 3D print

As 2014 draws to a close, we move into a new year of technological breakthroughs: from the much anticipated Apple iWatch to the Google Glass – some innovations in 2015 may change the world, some will simply be cool gadgets to own or add to your tech wishlist. But what about right now? We take […]

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Economic Impact of 3D Printing in 2025

Although we all know the potential impact of the 3D printing revolution, a recent report from the global research firm McKinsey, led by James Manyika has highlighted the top economic future developments that will impact the globe as a whole.  3D printing is of course up there as an industry game changer and represents an economic […]

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Voice Controlled Home Automation with “Hello Ivee” Personal Assistant

The upcoming ivee “Sleek” is possibly the most intelligent alarm clock you will ever experience.  Calling it an alarm clock is somewhat of an insult and although it’s life began as one in earlier iterations, the company behind this project, ivee have extended it’s ability in a quantum leap to bring us our own virtual, […]

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Google Glass to help you pick up dates…. apparently!

So cheesy, it’s full on roquefort, but the underlying technical abilities are an intriguing insight into the future with all of the ideas showing to be totally plausible. We still have to wait till the day that Google Glass becomes ‘cool’ as I’m not sure the lady in the bar would be smiling so much […]

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Create 3D Panoramic Photographs

Microsoft’s Photosynth software has been around for years, but is often not known about.  It’s great for capturing panoramic views and stitching it all together as the below example shows.  It’s unique ability to also map the contents in 3D is rather impressive.  If you are looking to stitch your multiple shots together for a […]

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Fly On The Wall – Reconnaissance Drone – Black Hornet

Designed and developed by Norwegian firm, Prox Dynamics AS, the Black Hornet is a military grade surveillance drone that is currently being used by the British Military with some 324 units already and currently being trialed by the US Army as of this year. At only 16 grams, the Black Hornet is carried in a […]

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Why You Should Buy The Xbox One This November & Not A Playstation

The title here I understand may cause some suggestion to favoritism towards a particular games console in what has been an ongoing argument since we were children and my SNES is better than your Sega!  It’s one of those never ending arguments, but ultimately, regardless of which route you went down, they did pretty much […]

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The iWatch is a TV by Apple – Revolution & Revelation

Like many people, I enjoy guessing as to what technology is going to bring and what innovations will transform our lives.  The quicker we all innovate, the quicker I will be to owning my life’s dream – that flying car (it better be in my lifetime!)  In today’s world, things are so mundane and boring, […]

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