Top 20 TV Series You Must Watch

In the personal views of myself, Jonny Haskins (a British, late 20’s male if that helps set the tone), this is a list of my favourite TV series to date that I would recommend that everyone give them a watch, regardless of age.  Many would be agreed as noteworthy additions, some are perhaps a little […]

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Wingsuit Cave Flight

Each day that goes past there is someone who takes a sport to a new level.  Especially with the advent of Youtube in combination with helmet Hero cam’s, it’s a classic case of one-upmanship in all fields.  Wingsuit flying has been around in a few forms throughout history but it really only became commercially available […]

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The Worlds Most Complicated Lego Set Up

If you have a spare 7 minutes of your life and wish to be mesmarised by the insanity of one persons willingness to build the largest, most complex Lego set up ever (even surpassing Lego Inc ambitions) then have a look at where this Japanese guy put 600 hours of time towards. Did I just […]

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