Lifeguard Drone

The shear varied flexibility on offer with drones shows great potential in the use for saving lives.  Developed by Tehran-based RTS Lab, Pars is a multirotor drone with it’s unique added ability in dropping lifebelts onto drowning people in a much quicker time frame than a conventinal swimming coastguard. I imagine in the near future […]

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Super Agile Nano Quadcopter, the “Crazyflie”

Fully hackable and opensource, the tiny flying computer has some impressive control abilities that is compact into a tiny little device.  Buy the kit itself from Seeed Studio for $179 to get flying.   Crazyflie features Small and lightweight, around 19g and about 90mm motor to motor Flight time up to 7 minutes with standard […]

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Drone Turns Into Wheel in Novel new Use

This is certainly a first and expands the general flying purposes of a drone.  Researchers at the Universtity of Tokyo have programmed this impressive drone (quadcopter) to self balance verticaly and actually roll like a wheel.  Among varying other impressive tricks such as floating on water and dropping lifebelts, their ‘air and land’ vehicle truly […]

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Fly On The Wall – Reconnaissance Drone – Black Hornet

Designed and developed by Norwegian firm, Prox Dynamics AS, the Black Hornet is a military grade surveillance drone that is currently being used by the British Military with some 324 units already and currently being trialed by the US Army as of this year. At only 16 grams, the Black Hornet is carried in a […]

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Distributed Flight Concept


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Building Tensile Structures

More information and related publications can be found on the project website: Researchers Involved: Federico Augugliaro, Ammar Mirjan, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler, and Raffaello D’Andrea Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Professorship for Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich, Switzerland ETH Zurich Flying Machine Arena.

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