15 things you didn’t know you could 3D print

As 2014 draws to a close, we move into a new year of technological breakthroughs: from the much anticipated Apple iWatch to the Google Glass – some innovations in 2015 may change the world, some will simply be cool gadgets to own or add to your tech wishlist. But what about right now? We take […]

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3D printer

3D Printing – The Next Industrial Revolution

By now, I imagine you’ve heard the word 3D printing knocking around for a while, however, if you haven’t then you’re about to experience a new wave of technology that’s set to have an impact as big as the Internet has been.  Yes, it’s that big and in simple terms a 3D printer allows you […]

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we wooden watch

Wooden Watch – Eco-Fashion

I don’t think wood has ever been so cool.  The cleverly named “We-Wood” company specialises in making attractive wooden watches in a variety of designs and also the option of colours.  A unique product that I’ve not seen before and they look pretty dam cool.  Check out their product catalog at http://we-wood.us/

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New Logo

So, a new day, a new look.  To emphasize the companies logo, a pictogram will accompany the text.  Still not the finalised version as it needs sharpening, tweaking and vectorising! Most of all, do you get it? or is too cryptic?

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