Shopping in 3D – Ikea’s New Augmented Reality Catalog App

With the recent annual catalog release of Ikea’s latest home furnishings came the intriguing addition of an accompanying app and feature.  It allows you to see what a piece of furniture would look like in your home virtually and then hopefully enable you to make an easier decision to make that purchase. It works like […]

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The iWatch is a TV by Apple – Revolution & Revelation

Like many people, I enjoy guessing as to what technology is going to bring and what innovations will transform our lives.  The quicker we all innovate, the quicker I will be to owning my life’s dream – that flying car (it better be in my lifetime!)  In today’s world, things are so mundane and boring, […]

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3D printer

3D Printing – The Next Industrial Revolution

By now, I imagine you’ve heard the word 3D printing knocking around for a while, however, if you haven’t then you’re about to experience a new wave of technology that’s set to have an impact as big as the Internet has been.  Yes, it’s that big and in simple terms a 3D printer allows you […]

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Amazon Logo

Amazon on full power for shopping bonanza

Amazon is stepping up it’s online shopping with some incredible offers and savings to make us buy even more in the next coming days.  With America’s Black Friday renowned in the states as a name given for companies to show profits after 9 months of being in the red, it’s a say of sales and […]

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