Bring Your Designs to Life With Rapid Printed Circuit Boards by the Voltera V-One

Imagine if your 3D printed products could come to life?  Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are everywhere, from TV’s, smartphones, drones, even 3D printers and almost any electronic product.  They are the beating heart of your hardware, allowing the electronics within to communicate with one another, adding movement, lights, motors, sensors and much more. But to achieve this, […]

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Introducing the “Form 1+” 3D Printer

The Formlabs Form 1+ 3D Printer has an exceptionally striking design and print quality and features to match.  See our review and detailed specifications to find out more about this 3D printer.

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“Lies” – By Fyfe

Paul Dixon, 23 year old from London is playing with this ‘folk electronica’ with this song from his self released album “Picture of Our Youth”

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“Hey Now” – By London Grammar

Really strong retro rhythms coming from this young trio who are clearly inspired by the similar chilling sounds of the XX.  Hannah Reid leads the vocals in a band that met at Nottingham University.  I think these guys are going to break big soon! Awesome stuff.

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World’s first 3D printed plane lifts off

A team of half a dozen aeronautical engineers from the Southampton University, UK, designed this successfully flying plane in just 2 days and was printed and constructed in only 5 days.  From a pile of dust to a week later rose and subsequently catapulted into the air, a home built drone! Made from Hard Nylon and […]

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3D Printed Metal Gun

With little moral stance and some ridiculous outdated gun laws and adoption in the USA, it’s no surprise that a company has legally made the first 3D printed metal gun to prove it’s inevitable and to popularise the phenomenon.  Solid Concepts has manufactured the “1911” under its Type 7 Federal Firearms License (FFL).  All 34 parts […]

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3D Printed Pasta

Next time you dine at your local Italian restaurant, look out for unique shaped pasta that might spell out your name.  This being the latest ambition of the food giant ‘Barilla’ to apply the technical offering of 3D Printing into the food industry.  There’s been plenty amazing developments in 3D printing with this just the […]

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Top 20 TV Series You Must Watch

In the personal views of myself, Jonny Haskins (a British, late 20’s male if that helps set the tone), this is a list of my favourite TV series to date that I would recommend that everyone give them a watch, regardless of age.  Many would be agreed as noteworthy additions, some are perhaps a little […]

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Economic Impact of 3D Printing in 2025

Although we all know the potential impact of the 3D printing revolution, a recent report from the global research firm McKinsey, led by James Manyika has highlighted the top economic future developments that will impact the globe as a whole.  3D printing is of course up there as an industry game changer and represents an economic […]

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“Run Boy Run” By Woodkid

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Voice Controlled Home Automation with “Hello Ivee” Personal Assistant

The upcoming ivee “Sleek” is possibly the most intelligent alarm clock you will ever experience.  Calling it an alarm clock is somewhat of an insult and although it’s life began as one in earlier iterations, the company behind this project, ivee have extended it’s ability in a quantum leap to bring us our own virtual, […]

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“This Life” – By Josef Salvat

Brand new Australian singer songwriter. Subtle yet strong downbeat melodies swim over a slow steady heartbeat followed with Josef’s spoken word vocals.

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Google Glass to help you pick up dates…. apparently!

So cheesy, it’s full on roquefort, but the underlying technical abilities are an intriguing insight into the future with all of the ideas showing to be totally plausible. We still have to wait till the day that Google Glass becomes ‘cool’ as I’m not sure the lady in the bar would be smiling so much […]

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Create 3D Panoramic Photographs

Microsoft’s Photosynth software has been around for years, but is often not known about.  It’s great for capturing panoramic views and stitching it all together as the below example shows.  It’s unique ability to also map the contents in 3D is rather impressive.  If you are looking to stitch your multiple shots together for a […]

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Lifeguard Drone

The shear varied flexibility on offer with drones shows great potential in the use for saving lives.  Developed by Tehran-based RTS Lab, Pars is a multirotor drone with it’s unique added ability in dropping lifebelts onto drowning people in a much quicker time frame than a conventinal swimming coastguard. I imagine in the near future […]

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Super Agile Nano Quadcopter, the “Crazyflie”

Fully hackable and opensource, the tiny flying computer has some impressive control abilities that is compact into a tiny little device.  Buy the kit itself from Seeed Studio for $179 to get flying.   Crazyflie features Small and lightweight, around 19g and about 90mm motor to motor Flight time up to 7 minutes with standard […]

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Drone Turns Into Wheel in Novel new Use

This is certainly a first and expands the general flying purposes of a drone.  Researchers at the Universtity of Tokyo have programmed this impressive drone (quadcopter) to self balance verticaly and actually roll like a wheel.  Among varying other impressive tricks such as floating on water and dropping lifebelts, their ‘air and land’ vehicle truly […]

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London 3D Printer Show / 7-9 Nov 2013

Don’t miss a chance to see the latest 3D printers and technology first hand at this years 3D printing show in London.  Now at the larger Business Design Centre (52 Upper Street, Islington, London,N1 0QH. Tickets Prices for Friday’s “Business & Design Day” Student 1 day pass (Friday 8th @ 11:30 – 18:00) £9.99 Adult 1 day […]

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