3D Printed Meat, A Vegetarian Treat?

We’ve written previously here at Pixel Lounge about the ever evolving possibilities of 3D printing within the food industry; a pizza in space, chocolate printing and now thanks to a pair of students at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, 3D printed meat could be on the table! Sarah Mautsch and Aaron Abentheuer are […]

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Create Fully Functioning 3D Electronics With Voxel8

Print customised internal circuitry with the worlds first 3D electronics printer.  Using “High Conductivity Ink” the Voxel8 printer is able to deliver a unique extrusion platform to enable the printing of circuit boards simultaneously onto the printing of your new 3D model.  Take a mini quadrocopter for example, where the design and electronic circuits can be […]

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3D Printed Linkin Park

Fans no longer have to be ‘Crawling’ through the crowd at Linkin Park gigs to get close to their favourite band, thanks to German firm Staramba they are ‘One Step Closer’ to having them in their own home. The band were scanned earlier this year and 3D printed with such amazing colour accuracy and quality […]

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3D Printed Tooth Brush – Clean Teeth in Just 6 Seconds

Thanks to ‘Blizzident’ you can save hours of your life you would otherwise waste brushing your teeth….

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“Timestretch” by Bassnectar

Music to rock your head back and forth to…and do work. Dub-step DJ from Santa Cruz, California. Saw this guy at Reading festival and he made my head pound brilliantly. Listen to a whole set of his to hear his best.

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“Spiral” by Bozzio, Levin, Stevens

Music to relax and do work to.   Taken from their second studio album (and my personal favourite) “Situation Dangerous” released in 2000. If you like listening to good drummers this is for you. Tragic and Tziganne are another two brilliant tracks off this album.

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