Apple’s recent key press announcement on September 10th did very little to impress anyone, from investors to Apple fanatics alike, it showed the world some very minor technological improvements to warrant the need for upgrading.  The leaks were beyond accurate which removed the notion of surprise!  However, mobile phones aside, it would seem and would make sense that Apple decided to keep this keynote solely about the “iPhone” product to emphasize the strength of its intended message.  The iPhone after all is its largest revenue generator and the cheaper iPhone 5C is intended to increase that further.


It is therefore likely, that at the expected October announcement of the updated iPad that we’ll see a new product announced alongside this.  In particular, the suspected TV and my personal speculative article of the iWatch notion being Apple’s potentially world shattering new product.  With which the iWatch is in fact TV related and not a watch at all.  Apple certainly needs to impress its following and especially its shareholders, otherwise we’ll see another landslide in its value like we’ve just experienced.

I’m convinced, along with others it will be this year and in time for the festive Christmas shopping period.  The competition will be unfathomable if delayed for a further year as we must remember that the content offering is key to much of the success and there’s plenty of upcoming competition providing the same content experience.  Apple haven’t properly updated their Apple TV product in a couple of years.  The software and interface needs dramatically updating also, along with the old age controller and general navigation.  We could see the improved relationship that the iPad introduces to enhance the viewing experience of the TV and therefore, a parrallel launch with the iPad this coming October 2013 would make perfect sense.  Close sources state a possible refresh is coming alongside the iOS 7 launch on September 17th but I’d be surprised.

To prove the importance of a TV offering further, Apple  bought and then swiftly shut down, (for something better the CEO stated) the video discovery company Matcha back in May 2013.  The acquisition is purportedly due to the advantage of providing an enhanced viewing experience and capatilising on the success that TiVO has similarly provided. Matcha  provides, “smart aggregation and personalised recommendations of around 250,000 titles from the most popular video services such as Netflix, iTunes, HBO GO, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more.”

To make up for a lackluster announcement last week, I would be prudent to bet against Apple announcing a new product line next month.  It would make sense for Apple to update the software platform this year, but announce conjointly that they are to release a physical TV product due for purchase next year.  This way they have the element of surprise and allow everyone to hold out their next TV purchase till this release, but in the meantime, the content (in the form of iWatch) is available more instantly through an updated peripheral like the current Apple TV or perhaps the iPad and other devices.

It’s also worth noting that it seems Apple may trounce competition further with it offering “Live TV” viewing for a full replacement service.  Furthermore, it’s rumored that we may see a Premium service become available which allows the full skipping of TV adverts in between programs.  This in itself would be an incredible offering and would make me purchase it instantly.  It could even be provided as standard to really set the bar and luxury of owning a Apple TV set.  That would be some strong and clever marketing and I can imagine, “No More Adverts With Apple’s iWatch”.

UPDATE:  Announcement is now confirmed as October 22nd 2013.

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