Amazon is stepping up it’s online shopping with some incredible offers and savings to make us buy even more in the next coming days.  With America’s Black Friday renowned in the states as a name given for companies to show profits after 9 months of being in the red, it’s a say of sales and soaring profits!

Everyone knows Amazon is a powerhouse at consumerism.  It’s recently starting to dabble in all areas of business expansion as liquid capital is amounting daily and through success with their A/B split testing methods being worthy of a book in itself (which we’ll touch on it’s importance in articles to come), there is certainly now slowing down this ever growing monster.

As an insight into some of Amazon UK’s numbers which are intriguing to say the least, their distribution centre shipped more than 2.1m units (1124 tonnes of goods) in a single day at it’s peak last year.  This Friday it is likely we’ll see that record smashed!

Amazon have 8 UK distributions centres and encompass almost 5 million sq ft of warehouse and office space.  This year they are prepared for the Christmas frenzy and have hired more than 10,000 “seasonal” staff to handle the demand.

The “Black Friday” American capitalism tradition is creeping upon us and will see London’s main shopping location, Oxford Street be closed off to car traffic for 12 hours!

So, if you’re on online business, make the most of this shopping bonanza and get selling, promoting and marketing.  It only comes around once a year and if Amazon’s staggering numbers are anything to go buy, there’s plenty a shopper to be had!

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