With little moral stance and some ridiculous outdated gun laws and adoption in the USA, it’s no surprise that a company has legally made the first 3D printed metal gun to prove it’s inevitable and to popularise the phenomenon.  Solid Concepts has manufactured the “1911” under its Type 7 Federal Firearms License (FFL).  All 34 parts were 3D printed with the addition of just 6 springs purchased.

Unlike the actual first 3D printed gun, which was printed only from plastic, the 1911 has fired through 600 rounds and still functioning fine.  In essence, performance of a normal handheld gun you would expect to buy off the shelf (in the USA that is).

Fortunately at the moment this is out of reach for most as the metal sintering technology of a printer capable of this can be from $400,000 upwards.  For now this is, but as the technology develops further, this is one of those instances where we don’t want to be looking forward to the future of this area.

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