Fans no longer have to be ‘Crawling’ through the crowd at Linkin Park gigs to get close to their favourite band, thanks to German firm Staramba they are ‘One Step Closer’ to having them in their own home.

The band were scanned earlier this year and 3D printed with such amazing colour accuracy and quality it might make you feel ‘Faint’. With a limited 99 1:5 scale figures going on sale for each musician, fans will be left ‘Numb’ if they don’t manage to grab one in time. But if you do miss out on the limited 1:5 models, don’t think its ‘All For Nothing’, there are other 3D printed versions of the group at smaller scales.

As the 1:5 models come with a price tag of $499, ‘In The End’ you may choose to opt for the individual 1:10 scale models at $149 or a 1:20 scale version of the whole band for $295. Also available are the 1:20 versions of each member which cost a more affordable $59, but don’t worry these models aren’t so small that they’ll give you a ‘Papercut’, standing at 7.2 inches tall.

For more information and to purchase these models visit the Staramba website to make sure you get yours ‘Until its Gone'(…damn almost).

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