Lisa Mitchell was born in 1990 Canterbury, England but moved to Australia where she grew up in Albury, New South Wales.  Now back to her motherland as of 2008, she is recording new music her in the UK with her latest Album ‘Bless This Mess’ due to be released on the 12th October 2012 (so in just a few days time).

She made fame in Australia through Simon Cowell’s world domination of music TV entertainment.  She came 6th in Season 4 and this no doubt helped lift her name and music.  Gentle songs and will be interesting to hear how she has matured with her upcoming album.

For those looking for a little something more up-beat than this good sounding song ‘Napolitan Dreams’, Check Out the remixed version by Nilow (which I actually prefer over the original as it suits the increased speed pretty well)


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