Announced today by the founding Mark Zuckerberg himself, there is officially 1 in 7 people in the world now using Facebook!  An incredible achievement that simply dwarfs any other social platform and website on the planet.  Some of the key facts to mark this huge milestone:

  • Over 1.13 trillion likes since it was introduced in February 2009
  • 140.3 billion friend connections
  • 219 billion photos uploaded
  • The median age of the user is about 22
  • The top five countries where people connected from at the time we reached this milestone were Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States (NOTE: in alphabetical order)

This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each month.  If you’re reading this: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you.  Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life.  I am committed to working every day to make Facebook better for you, and hopefully together one day we will be able to connect the rest of the world too.” – Mark Zuckerberg, 4/10/2012

The growth of Facebook as we all know has risen by the 100’s of millions over the years and the key milestones are 500M users (July 2010), 100M (August 2008), 50M users (October 2007), 25M users (January 2006).  The median age was 19 in 2006, age 26 in 2007 & 2008 and then dropped down to 23 in 2010 where it has steadily stayed.  I anticipate this may rise again given the appeal to the older generation and also the fact that we’re all getting older each year!

Although one may think that yes there are plenty of fake accounts out there, the 1 billion figure is ‘active’ users and therefore counts the amount of people actually using facebook on a repeat basis.  The number of accounts is far higher and hit the billion mark quite a while ago.

Congratulations Mark and your “Little Team” (which is perhaps not so little anymore).  Let’s see if it can fend off the battle with the next installment of Myspace.

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