Some pretty big news in today with Myspace announcing a major relaunch of their flagging social platform.  For the new generation, you’re probably thinking ‘who and what is Myspace’ and most others have simply forgotten they’re profile is still in existence (that’s right, those embarrassing drunk photos of you are probably still up and viewable by all).   However, Justin Timberlake is not taking things lightly as it’s new owner and evidently has high ambitions.  With a phonebook filled with some serious connections in the music and business world, he’s got certainly got the power to push this forward.

Released today through facebook emails (clever hey, being a socail meda co.) they’re video preview offers an insightful look into the re-built website and platform.  And I really mean it when I say ‘re-build’ as it’s clear they’ve just thought, ‘scrap it, let’s start again’.

The design is cutting edge and although it’s clear that influence is no doubt driven by the likes of Metro by Windows 8, pinterest and blending concoction of a boat load more websites, you must give them credit that this is some serious game changing looks.  The features look slick, the navigation is thoughtful and easy to use, and the attractiveness is just something else.

[bra_blockquote align=”right”]We’re hard at work building the new Myspace, entirely from scratch. But we’re staying true to our roots in one important way—empowering people to express themselves however they want. So whether you’re a musician, photographer, filmmaker, designer or just a dedicated fan, we’d love for you to be a part of our brand new community. [/bra_blockquote]

What’s impressive for me is that you can already tell that some real passion has been put into this and that last ditch effort or die energy is coming through.  Perhapsenough to revitalise it like Steve Job’s did with Apple during it’s struggling days.  Take for example the recently announced Twitter update which has basically just copied Facebook’s ‘Cover Photo’ look.  Where is the creativity in that?

Let’s leave the judgement with it’s new look in your hands, but I think it’s safe to say that something exciting is right around the corner that’s ready for a proper fight with facebook.  Shareholders of FB I imagine are trembling in their shoes right now with this news.  We’ll save how to spot a tech bubble for another day!  In the meantime,  amusing quip of the day by @panzer  “MySpace: For people who like their Timeline sideways”.

Let’s just say, if they don’t make it this time round and take on the might of Facebook, given they’ve gone through several changes already (especially that rediculous logo change), then that’ll certainly be the end of them.  But, you know what, I think they might actually do it this time.  Don’t you think?

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