As 2014 draws to a close, we move into a new year of technological breakthroughs: from the much anticipated Apple iWatch to the Google Glass – some innovations in 2015 may change the world, some will simply be cool gadgets to own or add to your tech wishlist.

But what about right now? We take a look back through the past year at cool stuff you wont believe has become printable in 3D.



You can print your own frames for your specs: why not fabricate a new blinding pair to suit your mood on a weekly basis? spectacular.

Chess pieces


Been delivered one too many checkmates? Be the King of creation by manufacturing your very own chess pieces. You can pick up the Formlabs printer for the job here.

Engagement ring


Sure, a plastic ring might not be a traditional proposal prop, but at least you custom made it. Seal the deal and give innovation a try next year with a Formlabs printer, great for printing in detail.



Make sweet music with your home made guitar. Serenade someone. Replicate your hero’s instrument of choice, sit in your pants and play something. Klaxons are even touring with 3D printed guitars.



This year, a Dutch team printed the world’s first full-sized 3D printed house using a plant-oil based plastic. There are now plans to introduce 3 dimensional printing to the third world to build sustainable housing efficiently.



A team at the University College London have discovered that the structure of the ear can be printed using a biological ‘ink’ which builds the shape of the organ. These will be used to correct birth defects in children.

3D childrens’ drawings


Crayon Creatures are bringing stick men, scribbles and mind monsters to life by printing 3D figurines of childrens’ drawings. A unique model for materialising a child’s imagination.



Thanks to a Japanese company you can now get a 3D ultrasound scan of your unborn foetus.



They kind of look like Transformer cars. Who doesn’t want to magic up a car in 24 hours? Read more about the world’s first 3D car, the Strati, here.

Ancient artefacts


This year the British Museum released some CAD files which you can use to print replicas of Julius Caesar, Zeus’s bust or an Egyptian Horus statue. Rainy day? Why not print yourself a giant scarab beetle with the sleek Cube 3 by Cubify.

Prosthetic legs for dogs

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 9.26.11 PM

Derby the dog was given a solution to his malformed legs by his owner this December, who got him a pair of custom designed 3D printed prosthetic legs, so he could run and play like any other dog.

Bits of spaceships


Welcome to the era of intergalactic manufacturing. In November, the first part of a spaceship was produced at the International Space Station. Yeah Science.



NASA have also been 3D printing pizzas in space. Is it weird to be more excited about that?

iPhone cases


Returning to the comparatively inane but practical – print yourself a phone cover with the Leapfrog Creatr’14

More 3D printers

Yes, they can reproduce.

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