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3D Printed Meat, A Vegetarian Treat?

We’ve written previously here at Pixel Lounge about the ever evolving possibilities of 3D printing within the food industry; a pizza in space, chocolate printing and now thanks to a pair of students at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, 3D printed meat could be on the table! Sarah Mautsch and Aaron Abentheuer are […]

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Will.i.am promotes 3D printer accessibility but predicts printed human clones with concern

Former Black Eyed Peas front-man Will.i.am may not be the first innovator who’d spring to mind in relation to scientific advancement, but naysayers doubting his techie gravitas are so 2000 and late: the music producer’s launch of sustainable product collection Ekocycle, along with his role as Chief Creative Officer of company 3D systems have given […]

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Create Fully Functioning 3D Electronics With Voxel8

Print customised internal circuitry with the worlds first 3D electronics printer.  Using “High Conductivity Ink” the Voxel8 printer is able to deliver a unique extrusion platform to enable the printing of circuit boards simultaneously onto the printing of your new 3D model.  Take a mini quadrocopter for example, where the design and electronic circuits can be […]

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Changing the face of medical science: 3 ways that 3D printing is saving lives

Over the past half-decade, 3D printing technology has sprung to the forefront as a solution to advance highly contested areas of medical science. From revolutionising the world of prescriptions by patenting a new system of printing drugs, to improving the success rates in performing even the most difficult surgeries, and helping to identify critical misdiagnoses, […]

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3D printing in chocolate: where technology and tastebuds unite

As an age of 3D printing continues to evolve, and the spectrum of creation widens,  becoming all the more accessible and affordable, what we’ve always dreamed about manufacturing from our homes becomes a reality. You’ve got it; chocolate. Machine-crafting confectionary is now only a printer away, thanks to a delicious collaboration between The Hershey Company […]

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15 things you didn’t know you could 3D print

As 2014 draws to a close, we move into a new year of technological breakthroughs: from the much anticipated Apple iWatch to the Google Glass – some innovations in 2015 may change the world, some will simply be cool gadgets to own or add to your tech wishlist. But what about right now? We take […]

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